There are two recommended options for creating an R web app to publish on brightRserver.

Option #1: brightRserver Editor on the web

  • Create an R web app using the shiny package from CRAN, The Comprehensive R Archive Network.

  • The published brightR app is secure, so only SuperAdmins and Editors can see it by default.

  • Consumers cannot see the brightR app until they are granted access by a SuperAdmin.

    • Note that the exception is the public folder, /public-brightR/.

    • Apps in the public folder are available from the specific web link (URL) to the app — no authentication is required to view and interact with these public apps. You must log in to have access to a list of public apps on your brightRserver.

Option #2: Open-source version of RStudio Desktop

  • Create an R web app using the shiny package from CRAN.
  • Upload the app folder to the brightR Secure FTP (SFTP) server from either:
    • The command-line
    • A tool such as FileZilla
  • This option is used in the case study, utilizing Filezilla to upload the app.

Article created: brightRserver Version 1.0.0