Publish brightR Apps

Uploading brightR apps

You also can use the brightRserver Editor to create new brightR apps directly on your server. By default, brightR apps will use version of the shiny package from CRAN to execute in an environment that is compatible with the open-source version of Shiny Server v1.5.14.0. YakData does not recommend manually updating the shiny package in the brightRserver Editor.

Uploading data

Based on your needs, you can upload file-based data sources via SFTP or use the file upload feature of the brightRserver Editor. Depending on the requirements of your application and the number of brightR apps using a data source, you can optionally locate data files in a subdirectory of the application or in the data directory on your brightRserver, at /yakdata/data. For data sources within an application directory, follow standard shiny package naming conventions.

Article created: brightRserver Version 1.0.0