Open-source RStudio Desktop

Open the open-source version of RStudio Desktop (the other option is to use brightRserver Editor).

1. Select FileNew FileShiny Web App → dialog appears.

2. Application name → type name; in this case, “Simple_Test”.

3. Create within directory → select the directory in which you want a new app; in this case, Desktop.

4. Click Create.

A new subdirectory is created using the application name you specified, in this case, Simple_Test. A file, app.R, is automatically created in the application subdirectory.

app.R is a sample “template” app based on the shiny package from CRAN that is fully functional with no changes.

In this case study, modify Line 16, titlePanel, to “My First brightRserver App – Old Faithful Geyser Data.”

Click Run App in the upper right section of the app.R pane. Save when prompted. The preview of the app appears as a webpage.

The dynamic input, Number of bins, is on the left, and the plot output, Histogram of x, is on the right.

Article created: brightRserver Version 1.0.0