From the Administration screen, click the fourth tab, Editors.

Editors can use the brightRserver Editor, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to build analytical content and create/update brightR apps.

Editors have automatic access to all content via the web interface.

About Editor Slots

brightRserver web applications share resources among multiple users. In contrast, each Editor slot is a unique mapping of a user to a dedicated Editor environment, undisturbed by other editor users. This allows for seamless brightR app development and testing without editors disturbing the current R sessions of their colleagues. Additionally, brightRserver restricts the maximum memory allowed by each Editor session to balance brightR app performance versus Editor demands.

If you have already added the people you want to be editors to the Users tab, in the User_Email column, click the dropdown arrow at the upper right of the cell to select each email address, row by row. Save changes and the page will auto-refresh.

When an Editor logs into their account, they will see the Editor option available in the right-hand side of their Home page navigation menu. The user logged in below has been granted two dedicated Editor environments. The number of available slots is based upon your subscription plan. Upgrades are available on the Gold and Platinum plans for additional Editor slots.

It is important to emphasize that SuperAdmins have access to all Editor slots. Therefore, if an Editor is using the brightRserver Editor and a SuperAdmin simultaneously accesses it, the Editor’s session will end.

Remove Editors by deleting their email or row on the Editors tab. Save changes and the page will auto-refresh.

Article created: brightRserver Version 1.0.0