Add Another SuperAdmin

It is a good idea to immediately add at least one additional SuperAdmin as a backup administrator in managing your brightRserver, although you have the option of adding two people, up to three people in total.

SuperAdmins manage users, groups, receive server status alerts, and have access to all content via the web interface (also SFTP if checked on the Users tab).

Groups to Users

From the Administration screen, click the third tab, Groups to Users mapping, to manage group access to content via the web interface.

In a new row under the Group column, use the arrow dropdown in the upper right of the cell to select SuperAdmin.

In the User_Email column, use the arrow dropdown in the upper right of the cell to select an email from the people that you added on the Users tab. Alternatively, start typing the email address you wish to add via autocomplete.

Save changes and the page will refresh.

An additional option is to paste groups and emails from a spreadsheet. Note that you must add the groups and/or users included in the spreadsheet to the Groups and/or Users tabs first, or you will not be able to paste the information.

Replacing/removing SuperAdmins

On the Groups to Users tab, in the SuperAdmin group, delete the row or email of the people you wish to remove, including yourself. You must always retain at least one SuperAdmin, therefore brightRserver will prevent you from deleting all SuperAdmins. If you delete yourself, the next time you log in, you will no longer be a SuperAdmin.

Save changes and the page will auto-refresh.

Article created: brightRserver Version 1.0.0