User Emails & Template Email to New Users

In the User_Email column, enter the email addresses of the users. For security purposes, every new user must create their own password using the reset password feature from the login page. This feature is based on an algorithm that assesses the strength of passwords rather than applying specific password creation rules.

In order to ensure that new users are aware that their account is legitimate and set up by you, you must notify them with instructions on how to access it using the reset password feature. It is also helpful to explain the pertinent details of the projects they have access to.

Here is a template that you can fill in and email to your new users.


I have created an account for you on brightRserver by YakData, using your email address.

brightRserver is an analytics platform that allows you to easily view and interact with web applications that have been created by data analysts for specific purposes, and if you have been given permission, to create and post apps and manage users.

You are included on the following projects: [list their specific projects here].

Your user role is [pick one: SuperAdmin/Editor/Consumer].

You must create your own secure password by using the reset password feature. Click this link: [insert your unique server address here]

Note that the dynamic security indicator will change from red to green as your password strength increases sufficiently to be accepted by the system.

Thank you.”

Article created: brightRserver Version 1.0.0